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EPRIS, the meaning of infatuation in French, is the brand with dreamy atmosphere. “Design for love” is our purpose.

The design inspiration is from the romantic love stories,and every pair of shoes symbolize different goddess. We hope you girls can wear the shoes which full of love and beauty move towards happiness.

Fashion design dress shoes for party, wedding,evening party, prom, cocktail party, graduation, and any other special occasions. Our shoes are including many elements, such as rhinestone, lace, bow tie, meshed, and stiletto.

We notice that quality, comfort, and fashion all are important, so we care about customer need and insist on using 100% genuine leather to make shoes. Make you feel comfortable, pretty, and being loved is our duty.

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So difficult to choose wedding shoes? !Avoid 5 taboos to let you get married smoothly!

Today, I’m going to tell you “5 kinds of wedding dresses and wedding shoes color matching for the bride’s appearance”. There are really thousands of ways to match wedding shoes and wedding dresses. The following will use actual brides’ wedding photos. Let me explain to everyone that the beautiful color scheme will really make the audience stunning and unforgettable! Make sure that novice friends who don’t know how to match colors can easily match fashionable and popular super beautiful matches! Many people would think that beautiful bridal shoes are so important? Will you really see it? Just wear it whatever you want, right? Actually, wedding shoes will be seen in many situations, such as taking wedding dresses, wedding shoes six ceremony, Wending wedding banquet, stepping on a small bench, getting married, walking up and down the stairs, etc.! The point is that if the wedding dress is well matched, the photos will look good! Then how to match a pair of beautiful and easy-to-go wedding shoes, let’s introduce to you one by one~ To introduce the color matching of wedding shoes, it is inevitable to introduce our Eden Hue Ring first.

















I once said: “Leather shoes are men’s clothes.” Leather shoes are a must-have for mature men. It also reflects the taste of a man. The cleanness of the shoes. The method of tying the laces of the shoes can be a trick for the maintenance of this man’s shoes. Meow has already shared with you, today I want to share with you 3 shoelaces tying methods. 

Antique and full of literary and artistic atmosphere, Tainan has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Each scenic spot has a strong style and characteristic, no matter what style you want to shoot: classical Chinese, beautiful and romantic, gorgeous palace, fresh forest… and so on. Tainan is definitely the place of choice! But which scenic spot in Tainan is suitable for taking wedding photos? Don’t miss this article, let’s follow Meow Miao to see what must be taken in Tainan’s beautiful wedding spots!

Freshmen in the society have to prepare for an interview for the first time. It is inevitable that they will be anxious and nervous. In addition to the preparation of personal resumes and professional materials, how to wear clothes to give interviewers a good first impression is also a very important topic! A pair of good leather shoes, a decent suit, and appropriate clothing. The interviewer’s attitude is also one of the keys to the success of the interview. I have to pay attention to it! Faced with a dazzling array of leather shoes of different brands, colors, materials, designs, prices… How to choose a pair suitable for the interview? Just follow Meow and continue to read it!


I have known each other for more than a few years of friendship, through countless laughs and tears, I can face each other irrespective of the image, and be more determined than my lover. As the saying goes-confidant does not ask for more, two or three are enough, I have thought about it Can you record the friendship that belongs to you in any way? Meow Meow provides you with a preferred answer, which is girlfriends wedding dresses~ Because the movie “Beauty Girlfriends” released in 2014, let everyone pay more attention to each other’s friendship, girlfriends wedding dresses/image photos/artistic photos have also become popular in recent years.

Isn’t it memorable to take a wedding dress with your girlfriend? Who said that wedding photos must be taken with another partner? Waiting 50 years later, sitting under the pavilion with your girlfriends, looking at the wedding photos taken with your girlfriends before, will you have a special flavor~ What do you need to prepare beforehand for your girlfriends wedding dress? 


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In recent years, the dragon and phoenix gowns have been repeatedly exposed with celebrities’ weddings,

More and more brides choose dragon and phoenix gowns as their first choice for wedding dresses.
The color of the traditional dragon and phoenix gown is fixed using red fabric with gold and silver embroidery thread.

The overall design is phoenix to set off the dragon, and to highlight the position of the dragon, it looks elegant and noble!

When the bride wears a dragon and phoenix gown, the groom wears a modified Tang suit "breasted mantle" or

"Customized robe" and "Chinese tunic suit" match.
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